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Chromebook Tips for Chrome OS 88 by Ron Brown ( 24 minutes)

This is a tutorial on 8 Tips available with Chrome OS 88 that will make you more productive. There are a combination of existing, future, and add-on features that you might not know your Chromebook can do.

Best purchase considerations for a printer in 2021 (46 minutes)

Purchase considerations for a printer in 2021 is a presentation I gave for APCUG at their Virtual Technology Conference on Feb 13 2021. Choosing a printer depends on how much you print but more important the frequency. What is the most economical printer for my use? There are many other printing options for color pictures or documents. What are ecotank printers and what is HP's new Neverstop laser printer that you fill-up the laser cartridges yourself? Printing option for 2021 discussed.

Understanding Google Drive on your Chromebook in 2021 (19 minutes)

Understanding Google Drive on your Chromebook in 2021 is a tutorial on how to use Google Drive with your Chromebook. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are just a few of the FREE Apps that come pre-installed on your new Chromebook. The file directory is just a bit different in Chromium OS so let me show you how to get started and use the free software that came with Google Drive.

Facebook to Google Photos in seconds (11 minutes )

Facebook to Google Photos in seconds. How to transfer your photos from Facebook to Google Photos. This was made possible by the Transfer Project which created an open-source program that allows data transfer between accounts. This video explains how to do it and the recent changes made.

5G in 2021 What should we expect? ( 45 minutes)

2021 will be the year where 5G phones and fixed base 5G will roll out across the USA and Canada. Is 5G ready and should I consider upgrading my phone? The wireless companies are all promoting services called Fixed Base 5G for Television service and Internet. How does this compare to existing technology and should I sign up?

The misunderstood Fitbit Sense Watch (16 minutes)

The misunderstood Fitbit Sense. My initial impression was very bad and was on my way to take it back to Best Buy. This video explains why I changed my mind. I am a physician who teaches technology to Seniors. My video " Saving your life with wearable technology " Part One discusses health monitoring with watches. Let me explain why I think this is a good watch that is going to get better. Be sure and stay for the surprise ending.

Saving your life with wearable technology

The making of Tech for Seniors ( 37 minutes)

The making of Tech for Seniors (TFS). TFS is a weekly broadcast on Zoom that is recorded, edited, and published on YouTube. It is a 4 step process and this video shows you how to record on Zoom, download your rendered MP4 file, video edit it, and publish it to YouTube. Watch this video to find out how to do it.

Two Factor Authentication Explained ( 26 minutes)

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) explained by Ron Brown. Securing your accounts has never been more important and can be done with 2FA. In this video, I explain how hackers can get into your account. There are 4 types of 2FA that include text messaging, authenticator apps, push notifications, and a physical key. I have tried to make this video fun and easy to understand.

Secure your accounts now. It is FREE and easy to do. Just watch the video.

Tips for your Chromebook with Chrome OS 87 ( 22 Minutes)

Chromebook Tips for Chrome OS 87 by Ron Brown

How to use a PIN and Smartphone to access you Chromebook instead your Google Password

New Toggle Switch to " Save to local drive " for Folders or Files

Alt/Tab will move through Apps but Alt ( Right or Left arrow) now works

Bluetooth devises Battery strength can now bee seen on our Chromebook

New Backgrounds

Improvements in Virtual Background

Shopping with Alexa - Your Grocery List ( 16 Minutes)

Shopping with Alexa by Ron Brown

The problems with a paper grocery list are explained and Alexa shines as she creates a digital shopping list that can be shared. In these trying times, we have to be more efficient at shopping that results in less time in grocery stores. The shopping list is very important and Alexa shows us how it is done.

Can you make Money with YouTube? (12 Minutes)

Can you make money with YouTube? This is an overview on how you can make money on YouTube. I discuss the monetization of your channel, Patreon Support, and personal promotion.

Tips for using YouTube ( 22 Minutes)

I spend most of my day on YouTube. Arising in the morning I watch the news and then before the office I have some quiet time to review my 330 YouTube subscriptions. My morning in the office usually involves interactions on YouTube and lunch with my wife brings laughs as we watch the old classics. YouTube is on my phone, tablet and all our Tv's as the primary source of entertainment. In this presentation, I discuss how I use YouTube and give you some tips.

Efficient use of your browser ( 17 Minutes)

Efficient use of your Browser. Most of my day is spent in my Chrome Browser so I have to be efficient. In this video, I will show you how to use your Bookmark Bar to store files and folders.

Linking Gmail labels to your Bookmark Bar makes bringing up commonly used emails a snap.

Lots of good tips so enjoy the video.

Sponsorship for Content Creators ( 7 Minutes)

Sponsorship for Content Creators. Passion and hard work creates content for viewers that is FREE

How can we support their efforts so they can continue the great work? In this video, I list the creators I support and explore ways that you can contribute to their success.

Apps and Extensions for your new Chromebook in 2020 ( 29 minutes )

Apps and Extensions for your new Chromebook by Ron Brown. You just got your new Chromebook and wonder where are the Programs? Chromebooks use Apps and Extensions that are much different than programs. Whats is the difference and where do you find them? Most Chromebook Apps also are available as a Web Version which offers a huge advantage to Chromebook users. I show you how to create a start icon on the Chromebook shelf for both Apps and WEB versions. This video is designed for teaching so you can go directly to the interested topic with the Time Chapter below.

Alternatives to Digital Picture Frames

Alternatives to Digital Picture Frames became obvious when I looked at the Echo Show, Facebook Portal, and the Google Nest Hub. This presentation discusses the use of Digital frames and looks at why Show, Portal, and Hub have added value to display your pictures.

Navigating the Post Covid Era

This is a personal story of how Covid 19 affected me and my family. Technology brought resources to my home that allowed communication in an isolating world. This presentation looks at current and future communication resources that will help reduce loneliness in our senior population. I believe Covid 19 has permanently changed the way we will interact with people and this presentation will explain current and future technologies. As we move forward to a post covid era securing a fast reliable internet will be very important. I discuss DSL, Starlink, Cable, Fiberoptic, and Fixedbase 5G internet connections. Which one is best for you? This was presented at the APCUG VTC Conference on November 7, 2020

Controversy at Costco - Problems with Same day delivery through Instacart

In the popular presentation " Lets Go Shopping " I discuss Costco's recently added daily delivery service with Instacart. You may be in for a surprise.

Also I discuss shopping APPS used at Sams Club, Kroeger-Fry's, Walmart, and Google Chrome. Amazon Fresh is a new way to purchase on-line groceries. Payment methods are reviewed and the importance of PayPal discussed. What should you not purchase on Amazon and how do you initiate an Amazon Return? If you have any problems I discuss how Amazon will phone you.

Why do Seniors need a USB Condom?

Why do Seniors need a USB Condom? The answer is in this presentation on Preventing Seniors Scam given to Sunland Spring Village Computer Club on September 2 2020. This presentation is why seniors are more than double the risk for 35 Billion dollars in scams. Watch the video and learn how to protect yourself.

Chromebooks in 2020

This presentation looks at the history of Chromebooks and how they have evolved into mainstream computing. Chromebooks are the safest and most secure computing platform we have, with built in anti-virus and malware protection. They come with most of the software you will need so there is a savings from the traditional Windows 10 PC. This past year computer manufacturers have produced models with equal or better performance results when compared to an Intel I-7 processor. You should definitely consider a Chromebook in your next computer purchase.

Saving your life with wearable technology ( Part 2)

This is a continuation of Mary’s story, who is a fictitious senior, widowed and lives in a resort in Mesa Arizona. She has a fall at night that results in a broken hip from an undiagnosed heart problem. In Part 1 I discussed the importance of knowing what your heart rate is and the many devices that can monitor and record. Part 2 will focus on Fall Detection, Emergency Notification, and Home automation to ensure safety for a senior living alone. I will discuss how to set up a home network, the Echo Show, Google Nest, and the New Zoom All-in One Home appliance.

Organizing your Smartphone

Organizing your Smart Phone How to reduce cell phone clutter. Delete Apps, Make Folders, plan your Home Page, and much more. Learn how Widgets can increase productivity and automate tasks. Be more productive by being better organized.

Preventing Seniors Scams

Preventing Scams for Seniors. Seniors are very vulnerable to scams that swindle over 40 Billion dollars each year. Learn the problems and solutions in this video

The one thing to do with receipts

This video is made with my Android Pixel 3 phone. The software is available for both Android and IOS phones. If you scan a receipt but are not connected to the internet, the software will store the information on your smartphone and update Google Drive or One Drive when you connect. On May 18-2020 Microsoft changed a feature in the OneDrive APP that lets you scan up to 10 pages that will be uploaded and saved as a single PDF file. This feature was only available if you paid for a Microsoft 365 account but is now free for everyone.

Lets go shopping

This presentation was presented at APCUG's Virtual Technology Conference on Mar 2 - 2020. I discuss shopping APPS used at Sams Club, Kroeger-Fry's, Walmart, and Google Chrome. Amazon Fresh is a new way to purchase on-line groceries. Payment methods are reviewed and the importance of PayPal discussed. What should you not purchase on Amazon and how do you initiate an Amazon Return? If you have any problems I discuss how Amazon will phone you.

Saving your life with wearable technology (Part 1)

This presentation looks at common medical problems Seniors encounter and how wearable technology can help identify and prevent emergencies. I am a retired family physician with 35 years of experience so I use a fictitious patient to show you that serious problems can occur quickly and how new technology developed recently can be used. Part One focuses on “ Heart Problems “ and will discuss the New Apple Watch and cardiac monitoring devices.

Photoalbum to Google Photos in 13 minutes

This video shows you how to get the pictures from a photo album into Google Photos quickly. I did 153 pictures in 13 minutes !!! This is a technique you can use to make a Google Photos Album out of your old picture books.

Saving your life with wearable technology (Part 2 – This presentation will be available in Feb 2020)

This expands on the first Presentation and will look at not only wearables but IOT devices to stay connected and improve your safety.

Driving with Google Maps

This presentation was a presentation I gave for APCUG in August- 2019 for their VTC. It can be found as a YouTube Video. I discuss how to use Google Maps to assist you while driving. Whether Google Maps is used as an Off-Line application or connected through Cellular Data it is an excellent product to help you navigate the increasingly complicated road network

What will 5G mean to you?

All the major cell phone carriers are upgrading their services to 5G. What does this mean to you and should you buy a 5G phone?

Home Security Cameras

Should you buy a home security camera? Wired or Wireless? So many to choose from so which one should I buy?

The Browser War and the New Chromium based Microsoft “ Edge “

Microsoft has admitted defeat with its Windows 10 release of Edge. They have sent it back to the de velopment team to redesign it based on the Open Source Chromium Platform which Google controls. In early 2020 it will be released as a Windows update. This presentation looks at the history of Browsers and what we can expect from Microsofts New Edge.

Staying connected while Traveling

This presentation looks at the different technology you can use for staying connected whether you travel by air, land, or sea.

What the heck is a Chromebook???

Chromebooks are rapidly becoming a popular computing option. Their security, ease of use, and versatility make a Chromebook a solid option for your computing needs.

Identity Theft

This is a very common type of crime that Seniors need to be aware of. I will outline the problems and how you can protect yourself.

2 Factor Authentication

The only way you can protect your on line presence is with 2 Factor Authentication. In this talk I will discuss the problems and explain how 2- FA works

Google Photos Updated

Google Photos is a popular program that has been updated with a lot of new features. I will go over the basics and then outline the updates.

How to Purchase a Smartphone?

Seniors can save a lot of money if they purchase their smart phone. What to buy? Will look at the options.

Purchase considerations for a new computer

As the sun sets on Windows 7, Black Friday brings us unbelievable computer deals. Which deal is best for you? This presentation discusses how you can make the best choice on your new purchase.