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Preventing Scams for Seniors -Published June 2020 " Click the down arrow for more info "

Preventing Scams for Seniors. Seniors are very vulnerable to scams that swindle over 40 Billion dollars each year. Learn the problems and solutions in this video. I will go over why Seniors are so vulnerable and discuss all types of fraud including telephone,In-Person,Postal,Romace,computer, and credit card scams. This video is 37 minutes long and I am happy to present it to your group.

Organizing your Smart Phone Published May 2020 " Click the down arrow for more info "

Organizing your Smart Phone How to reduce cell phone clutter. Delete Apps, Make Folders, plan your Home Page, and much more. Learn how Widgets can increase productivity and automate tasks. Be more productive by being better organized. I have done tech support for many years and am always frustrated by how little people know about finding their apps. This 25 minute presentation will apply to Android and Iphone users. I am happy to give the presentation to you club.


Thank you for attending our Smartphone/Tablet SIG tonight.

Ron's topic was, "Organizing Your Smartphone". He was fabulous, as always.

We greatly appreciate these knowledgeable APCUG members attending. I've got Ron's tip on Google Drive and the camera all set up. I think it's something I'm going to make great use of. I get so stoked when I learn something fabulous like that tip!

Ron are AWESOME!

Terry Harvey

Wisconsin All-computer Users Club

The one thing to do with receipts Published May 2020 " Click the down arrow for more info "

The one thing to do with receipts.

This video is made with my Android Pixel 3 phone. The software is available for both Android and IOS phones. If you scan a receipt but are not connected to the internet, the software will store the information on your smartphone and update Google Drive or One Drive when you connect. On May 18-2020 Microsoft changed a feature in the OneDrive APP that lets you scan up to 10 pages that will be uploaded and saved as a single PDF file. This feature was only available if you paid for a Microsoft 365 account but is now free for everyone. I am happy to give this presentation on How to digitally store your receipts to your club.

Lets go shopping Published May 2020 " Click the down arrow for more info "

This presentation was presented at APCUG's Virtual Technology Conference on Mar 2 - 2020. I discuss shopping APPS used at Sams Club, Kroeger-Fry's, Walmart, and Google Chrome. Amazon Fresh is a new way to purchase on-line groceries. Payment methods are reviewed and the importance of PayPal discussed. What should you not purchase on Amazon and how do you initiate an Amazon Return? If you have any problems I discuss how Amazon will phone you. This is a great 45 minutes presentation that I would be happy to give to your club

Saving your life with wearable technology Published November - 2019 " Click the down arrow for more info "

The risk of Stroke or Cardiac Pacemaker insertion go up very quickly as we pass the age of 60. I am a physician with 30 years of experience helping people recover after these disabling conditions. Health care monitoring with wearable technology has made a big change in preventing injury. In this presentation I discuss the Apple and Android watches that are monitoring more than just your steps. This talk has been very popular and will have a huge impact on your club. In February I gave this presentation to a group and the man that followed my advice wrote me a very emotional thank you. He was alerted by his watch and went to ER where he was admitted to ICU. The cardiologist said he wouldn't have made the night. I am happy to give this presentation to your club.

Photo album to Google Photos in 13 minutes Published in April 2020 " Click the down arrow for more info "

This video shows you how to get the pictures from a photo album into Google Photos quickly. I did 153 pictures in 13 minutes !!! This is a technique you can use to make a Google Photos Album out of your old picture books. This video is only 12 minutes long but could be an hour long presentation as I discuss what to do with your new found box of old photos.

Chromebooks for everyone in 2020

Chromebooks for everyone in 2020

This presentation was given to Canton Alliance Massillon Users Group (CAMUG) on Monday July 20- 2020. I cover the history, purchase considerations, expiry dates, external monitors, and a review of current models and pricing.